Water Treatment for Chemical Industries

In almost all sorts of Chemical Industries, water is used in the product itself or in the production process.

The chemical industry is an overall group including the production of Basic Chemicals, Pesticides and Agrochemical Products, Paint and lacquer, Soap, Cleansing and Cleaning Agents, Perfumes, Hair Shampoo, Tanneries, Textile, Ink and Pharmaceutical raw materials and remedies.

In most cases, the quality of the water from the waterworks is insufficient because the content of inorganic salts disrupts or spoils the products and processes.

Both Softener, Demineralized and Reverse Osmosis water is frequently used in many chemical fluids which ensures a steady composition and look of the products. At the same time, precipitations are avoided – even by larger thermal influences.

Due to our many years’ contact with the chemical industry, we have gained a high level of experience in this field irrespective of dealing with Process Water, Drinking Water, Cooling Water, rinse water, Boiler Water, etc.

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