Water Store Owner’s Guide

1. Find location. This is one of the most important steps – Location, Location, and Location!
2. Apply for Registration – call power, phone, gas, and water, Obtain fictitious business name from Trade Mark and Registration and Design Logo required for Trade Mark and Copy Right. Obtain No objection from UC’s of your area . Obtain resale’s City Govt. registration from the City Govt. area Nazim. Obtain taxpayer. Have a lawyer look over your contingent on getting all necessary permits to open a water store.
3. Order your equipment from us. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. If you need the equipment sooner, ask! We may be able to make special arrangements.
4. Assistance available from PakWater Care Services for rough sketch and store layout plans.
5. Have contractors bid for improvements. (Optional)
a). Get at least 3 different contractors to give you bids.
1). You may act as your own contractor and hire sub-contractors and save money.
2). You can hire a contractor to do all the work for you.
b) You may need some or all of the following tradesmen for the work – carpenter, plumber, flooring/tile, electrician and painting contractor.
6. Get permits for building and tenant improvements from building department. Also you may need a sign permit.
7. Start construction.
a) Plumbing – floor sink, water line with back flow.
b) Carpentry – walls, windows, etc.
c) Electrical – 220 v. Single phase, 30 amp, 220 v plugs, lighting.
d) Painting – walls, ceiling tiles, window advertising painting.
e) Flooring – except cove base. Cove base should be installed in equipment room only prior to installation of equipment.
8. Call PCSIR/Agha Khan Laboratory for water testing requirements.
a) Get names, times frames, prices of testing services in area. Phone numbers located in the manual.
b) Obtain License from PSQCA (Optional)
9. Order inventory.
10. Advertise Grand Opening – YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!
11. Requirements needed before equipment installation –
a) 220 volt 30 amp with neutral disconnect located in equipment room (we provide the plug).
b) Equipment room complete with paint.
c) Flooring complete in equipment room and cove base installed.
d) 2″ Floor sink installed.
e) 1″ water line with shutoff with a threaded fitting.
f) Backflow device installed before shutoff valve in water line above floor sink.
g) 1″ water meter installed if required by landlord.
After Construction:
10. PakWater Care Services will deliver, install, set up and train you on your equipment (at your location or ours).
11. Install cove base.
12. Have your water tested and call for store inspection after receiving water test results.
a) Water test requirements include lead, bacteria, and VOC testing.
13. Set up store displays, shelving, etc.
Congratulations, you are ready to sell your first gallon!

Here is a list of do’s and don’t for laying out a water store.

Equipment room should be a minimum of 12’ x 12’ inside measurements.

Equipment room should be located on a sidewall that is on the same side the fill station is on. The floor sink should be next to a sidewall so that all pipes that need to be plumbed to it can be easily run to it. The floor sink needs to be located so all pipes do not have to cross any doorways.

Equipment room door should be located so all the equipment can be taken in and out, this means a door 36” or wider. An 8’ sliding glass door in the front of the room works very well.

A 1” water line needs to be installed on the sidewall next to the backside of the system. It also needs a backflow preventer on the incoming water line. The water line should be located 5’ up from the floor.

The electrical needs to be a 30Amp. 220-volt single phase with a neutral and ground. It should be located next to the water line about 5’ up from floor.

When looking at the system from the front, the water line and electrical are located on the right backside of the system.

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