Ultra Filtration Membrane System – Whole House & Commercial Water

Filtration to 0.01 Micron! Laboratory Proven

Removes Bacteria and Virus up to 99.99%

Advantages of Ultra Filtration

1. 99.99% remove bacteria & viruses
2. Minimum water wastage
3. Low maintenance
4. User friendly
5. Compact & Elegant Design
6. Stainless steel/ABS casing

(Recommended for Tap/Canal/Sweet Water)

Filtration to 0.01 Micron! Laboratory Proven!

Removes bacteria and virus up to 99.99%

Low maintenance cost with minimum water wastage

Stainless Steel/ABS casing with compact & slim design

Flexible & space saving installation, horizontally or vertically

Membrane filtration is classified as more advance & finer stage within filtration spectrum.
General structure of a Membrane Filter is a bundled form of thousands hollow fiber membrane capillary and encased within certain material of casing.
These membrane capillaries are low pressure driven element in water filtration, as low as 100 kPa (recommended operation pressure at 250kPa).

Membrane Filtration can filter suspended solids down to  size 0.01 micron.
This is achieved by having the membrane capillary with pore sizes of 0.01 micron to separate & filter all contaminants effectively.

Therefore, Membrane is also an effective barrier against most waterborne micro-organisms that can even remove
Bundle  of membrane capillaries bacteria & viruses which are ranging from 0.025-0.075 microns. This is laboratory proven.

Ultra-Filtration Membrane Water Filter Product Features

How Ultra-Filtration Membrane Water Filter can benefits the customers.

Membrane-Filtration is a lower pressure filtration technology used to remove suspended solids, sediments, rust, mud and other impurities from water.

The membrane used has pore sizes in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 microns, which will remove all suspended contaminants effectively.

Membrane is also an effective barrier against most waterborne micro-organisms that can even remove bacteria & viruses such as polio and rotavirus, which are a group of infectious agents ranging from 25 nanometers to 75 nanometers (0.025-0.075 microns) in diameter.

How does Ultra Filtration Membrane Water Filter work?

Ultra Filtration is designed with Outside-In flow configuration (contaminants are trapped outside of membrane’s capillary and clean water is zipped into it the inside surface of the capillary membrane remains completely clean during the whole filtration process.

Filtration Mode:

Contaminated water supply will enter to the membrane filter inlet and flow in one direction only.
Water will be diverted to each individual capillary and passes through outside the membrane capillary
Contaminants are trapped outside the capillary whilst pure water is zipped into it and released via the filter outlet.

Flushing (Forward) Mode:

During the filtration operation, the natural force of one direction water flow makes all the contaminants concentrate at filter’s the other end.
However, a normally closed control valve at Flushing port forward flushing process.

When this valve is opened, force of water flow flushes out the trapped & concentrated contaminants easily.
This self-cleansing system prevents clogging of membranes to ensure that the filtered water is always in it purest form.

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