High-Pressure Booster Systems

Efficient & Flexible Pressure Boosting

Efficiency and flexibility describe the new Grundfos Lowara. Seven models provide a comprehensive range designed to meet dynamic capacity requirements and maximize efficiency. All Boosting systems are assembled and tested by PakWater Care Services and ready for operation.


  • Water Supply – Building & Municipal
  • Industrial Applications
  • Irrigation


PakWater Care Services presents a range of reliable, economical systems which are easy to install and operate, and guarantee optimum comfort and performance.
• Multi-story buildings, hotels, apartments, camping sites, schools and other institutions
• Mains water supply systems for waterworks and distribution networks


Water plays an important part in many industrial processes. The need for constant pressure, even under conditions with great fluctuations in flow, places great demands on the pressure boosting system.

PakWater Care Services flexibility and premium materials meet a wide variety of Industrial Demands:
• Water Treatment Plant
• Food–poultry and beef processing, breweries, dairies, feed lots, more
• Petrochemical systems, pharmaceutical, metal industries
• Recreation–water parks, theme parks, fountains, more


With a view to minimizing water consumption and electrical energy, while providing adequate and accurate coverage, irrigation systems must adjust output quickly and efficiently.

PakWater Care Services Boosting system is ideal for Irrigation Applications:
• Commercial landscaping
• Parks and other recreational areas
• Sports arenas, golf courses
• Agricultural


Total capacity gpm: Up to 3,600 gpm
Pressure range: 250 psi standard (reduced by pressure transducer, gauge, manifold size, and tank limits)
Pump horsepower range: 1 HP – 50 HP

Number of pumps: 2 – 6Pressure Boosting Systems – Industrial Process Applications

Water is a vital part of many industrial processes. The need for constant pressure, even under conditions with great fluctuations in flow, places great demands on the pressure boosting system.

PakWater Care Services Boosting system meets the challenge of a wide variety of industrial requirements with reliable, rugged pumps constructed of premium materials in a flexible, user-friendly design.


Reliability: Industrial applications require operational reliability and constant monitoring. BoosterpaQ Systems help ensure reliable water supply with PWC Booster pumps, optional standby pumps, alarm functions

Cost &time effective installation: wide variety of system configurations and standard options make – unlike older, more expensive systems with long lead-times.

No special requirements for installation location—compact design facilitates installation almost anywhere.

In-line manifold design makes system installation & service-friendly.

Pressure Boosting Systems – Building and Municipal Water Supply.

PakWater Care Services Boosting systems meet the needs of municipal as well as mains and distributed pressure boosting.

Presenting a range of reliable, economic systems, PWC guarantees optimum comfort and consistent water pressure for:
• Multi-story buildings
• Hotels
• Apartments
• Dormitories
• Camping Sites
• Schools
• Other institutional buildings

Operator Selectable
PakWater Care Services Boosting system can be set to operate at constant or proportional pressure. Proportional pressure regulation (falling discharge pressure with falling flow) guarantees optimum comfort and reduces water losses through leakage in the distribution network.

Reduction of tank size in variable speed regulated systems greatly reduces space and cost.

significantly reduce operation noise during low usage, especially important for dwellings during sleep hours.

PakWater Care Services – Total Water Treatment Solution In Pakistan.

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